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About us

Ben and Lisa Bonauer-Armstrong are the creators of Chaucer. They have been married for over 35 years and have worked together in their company since 1996.

Lisa graduated in the USA with a bachelors’ degree in studio art and since then has been drawing, painting, caricaturing along with earning a living from her drawings, graphics, cartoons and caricatures. She is also a certified librarian with experience in this area and loves to read.

Ben was trained as a teacher. He has taught children, young adults and adults. He has interrupted his career many times to study at the university, to travel and learn languages or take additional courses.

This dynamic duo has experienced, seen and done much in life. Their shared experience of around 120 years forms the basis of Chaucer’s wisdoms.

You can find further information about us and what we do here:
Live caricatures. Caricatures from photos. Cartoons and illustrations.
Sympathy figures for your website, your company, your club or association.